The CTOMC Beit Din is composed of:

  • MRav. Avner Solomon - Congregation Ner Tamid, Nova Scotia
  • MRav. Walter Thorp - Tikvat Mehudas, Virginia
  • MRav. Gary Beresford - Ohr Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, Florida

The Beit Din of CTOMC serves the primary function of maintaining Halakha. That is, dealing with matters of biblical rulings with a focus on restoring Biblical emphasis on our daily lives.

The Beit Din rules on all credentials for Messianic Rabbi, Messianic Ro'eh, and Messianic Minister. All other credentials are done at the congregational level.

Rulings on Simcha, Get, and all disputes concerning Halakha are determined on an individual basis. Requests for a Get are NOT accepted at this time.

Any person bringing a dispute over halakha to the Beit Din agrees in advance that the ruling of the Beit Din will be final, and that an "Opinion" will be issued and posted as part of the regulations of CTOMC.

Basically, if you don't want the answer, don't ask the question if you're not going to abide by the decision of the Beit Din.

As per the Regulatons of CTOMC, all rulings and opinions issued by the Beit Din will be published on this site. The only exception to this rule will be matters that are of a personal nature, and these are confidential.

All rulings pertaining to Halakha will be posted.

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