A CTOMC Charter establishes voluntary fellowship. That fellowship in turn allows for accountability and unity among the people of G-d. The CTOMC Charter does not govern the internal operations of any group or ministry, however our office is ready to respond to any spiritual need of which we are called to help. Our charters are open to all Messianic ministries, congregations, home groups and schools which substantially agree with our Statement of Faith. The CTOMC Charter is normally exclusive; which means our Charter cannot be normally held while a ministry is associated with any other ministry organization, unless permission is granted. An exception may be requested through E-mail.

Information provided on the Charter Application Form is for the exclusive use of CTOMC and is completely confidential (check out our Privacy Policy). None of your information will be released to anyone without your permission in writing. CTOMC reserves the right to deny the release of this information. All pertinent fields must be completed.

Apply for Charter

Before you apply

Before completing the Charter Application Form please review the these questions. If you can answer "YES" then please complete the form to apply for Charter.

NOTE: If you are unable to respond "YES", or have some questions, please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

  1. Does your ministry firmly believe and boldly teach our Statement of Faith?
  2. Have you read and agree to follow our Regulations for Messsianic Ministries?
  3. Does your ministry teach the observance of Hebrew Sabbath and Biblical Kosher?
  4. Does your ministry place the salvation of the Jewish people in high priority?
  5. Does your ministry teach that Torah is for all Believers in Messiah?
  6. Is your ministry careful and respectful of the Hebrew Holy Name?
  7. If your group is accepted for charter , can you support the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations with free-will offerings as the L-RD provides?*

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