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Interested in Becoming a Chat Admin?

Thank you for your interest in this position. Before completing the Chat Administrator Application Form, please review the following information. If you disagree with any of these statements, please let us know. By reviewing the following information and submiting the application, you agree to abide by the Statement of Faith and the rules.

Statement of Faith

Points of Order

Rules for Chat Administrators

Chat Administrator Application Form

The following is a list of several movements, not necessarily all, who's members and adherants will NOT be accepted as admins:

Yahwist or Sacred Name is not approved: Any group espousing that the Name of G-d must be said, written or performed in a unique way to be saved, or that the Name should be said usually and commonly, or that restrict the use of L-RD or G-d as acceptable usage. We also consider the use of "Yahweh" and "Yahshua" in light conversation to be disrespectful of the Most High and indicative of this movement. Why are we oppsed to all this? Because no one can say authoritatively how the actual Holy Name was or is pronounced, and our Messiah said we should say "Our Father" ("Avinu"), and no one should make up Hebrew words which are unknown to Hebrew speaking people, for such brings a reproach on the message of Messiah to them. Finally, the Hebrew way of saying our Messiah's name has been well known and accepted among Messianic and Israeli Jews as "Yeshua" or "Y'shua" for centuries and any other pronounciation is contrived.

Classical/Medieval Christian is not approved: Any group which honors Christmas, Easter or any other "christianized" pagan celebration. Also, any group which does not honor the seventh day Sabbath as the L-RD's holy day, or any group which teaches all animals are the same for consuming in G-d's sight. Finally, any group which denegrates or annuls the Torah and Hebrew Scriptures as saying they are no more in effect or that G-d no longer keeps His covenants with Israel.

"Two House" or "Ephraim and Judah" teaching as it is known is not approved: It is our experience that this emphasis in groups causes division and confusion within the Messianic movement. It is an opinion of prophetic interpretation that is not Torah (commanded to be followed by G-d).

Racial supremacy doctrine is not approved: CTOMC does not accept the concept of physical supremacy of any people, neither do we believe that heritage profits anything in comparison to knowing Messiah Yeshua as Adonai. This holds for all races, colors, and peoples, including Jewish. Once a person has come into the knowledge of Messiah Yeshua they have reached the pinnacle of personhood in G-d and have entrance into all the covenants. This hour's emphasis on the Jewish people is to complete the promises for the glory of G-d, not for the glory of persons.

Messiah as man alone is not approved: Any group which denies that Messiah Yeshua is G-d in the flesh, or that will not publically confess such, may not be an admin in the CTOMC Chat program on inSpeak, Paltalk, or any other venue that CTOMC may use.

Any other factions who's members we cannot accept as admins will be listed here as they are identified.

NOTE: The above exclusions in no way defames individuals or judges the salvation of those who join these movements. That is for Messiah only to decide, and judge our hearts as well. For example, we have good personal relations with many Catholics: we simply do not agree as a matter of faith with many of their institution's key beliefs, yet we cannot and will not judge their salvation as individuals. All that is said here is to define what the Torah Observant Messianic Jewish room and the other CTOMC chat rooms are focused on




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