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Torah Observant Messianic Believers Room

In the CTOMC Torah Observant Messianic Believers room you can join us on Friday evening at 8:30 atlantic time (7:30 eastern; 6:30 central; 5:30 mountain; 4:30 pacific) as MRav. Avner Solomon of Congregation Ner Tamid in Halifax, Nova Scotia as he teaches the traditions of Erev Shabbat in the home of a Torah Observant Messianic Believer. Then, MMins. Malakai & Tamar Yeomans of Beit Gan-Eden messianic Community in Nerang, Queensland, Australia invite you to join them for their Shabbat service. Then we journey to the Lone Star State and join MMins. Cameron & Melissa Elam of Eitz Chaim Messianic Congregation in San Antonio, Texas.

On Shabbat morning we stream the Shabbat service LIVE from Congregation Ner Tamid in Halifax, Nova Scotia with MRav. Avner & MMin. Leah Solomon. Following that service we join the LIVE service already in progress at Ohr Yeshua Messianic Synagogue in Bradenton, Florida with MRav. Gary Beresford.

After Shabbat, join Rabbi Avner Solomon of Congregation Ner Tamid in Halifax, Nova Scotia as he hosts a Motzei Shabbat "Virtual Farbrengen", a time of music, stories and fellowship where you can hear readings from Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach's "Stories of the Lamed Vav" and songs and stories from those in the room. During this time of music, fun and fellowship, if you are a new participant in the group you will have an opportunity to participate in a phone-in contest. Rabbi Avner is at the helm till 11 PM Atlantic time or as long as you (and he) want to stay up. Our farbrengen includes "DA ZONE" and if you've never been part of it, all we can say is, You have to be there to experience it! So, "Be there or be square!"

On Sunday morning we stream "The Cantor's Corner" with Cantor Sid Dworkin on CJRS Radio Shalom in Montreal, Quebec. Then we stream the Torah Talk radio program LIVE from KLTT-AM in Denver, Colorado. Later in the evening, we have LIVE interactive "Learn to Read Hebrew" classes at both the beginners and intermediate levels.We round out our Sunday programming with Messianic Jewish Composer, Lyricist, Author, Producer, Director, Teacher & Messianic Rabbi Jeremiah Ginsberg of Jerusalem Gates Messianic Ministries.



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