WELCOME to CTOMC Credentials. Because CTOMC is a small organization, we are not responsible for the teaching or practices of those issued credentials. CTOMC Credentialed ministers must accept our statement of faith and must abide by all our regulations, and must of their own initiative make sure their dues are fully paid. Failure to do these things will result in cancellation of credentials.

Credentials MUST be updated annually by submitting before September 31 of each year, a Renewal Application for Credentials. Failure to do so, could also result in cancellation of credentials.

Please Note: Whatever level of credentialing is applied for, all applicants begin the credential process at the Messianic Minister Apprentice level. Those who are already leading a Messianic congregation may be "grandfathered in" as a licensed Messianic Minister with full ordination at the next CTOMC conference.

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Before you apply


Ordination or licensing is offered to those who meet the qualifications, under the auspices of the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations (CTOMC). This is a voluntary fellowship. The associated minister agrees to all decisions of the Board of Directors and Executive Office as authoritative and final. CTOMC is not a ministerial placement service and does not guarantee usefulness or perpetuity of its credential.

Ordination or licensing by CTOMC is credentialed recognition and accountability for that calling and vocation which a candidate has already proven by his life and ministry, and is assigned by the Executive Office of CTOMC. Our credentials are updated annually, and must be renewed for the minister to remain in good standing. Ministers holding credentials with another religious authority need to obtain approval from the CTOMC Executive Office (torah4all@eastlink.ca).

Apply for Credentials

There are five ministry credentials available:

Apprenticeship, Licensing or Ordination as a Messianic Minister

A Messianic Minister typically serves one or more offices of the five-fold ministry (shepherd, herald, teacher, etc.). This person may also be a worship leader, psalmist, other ministry specialist, or a minister's spouse, but they must be apt to teach/preach. They have authority in most states to perform weddings and funerals. The title is Messianic Minister or the calling title with "Messianic" preceeding it, or MMin. abbreviated. In Hebrew a pastor is roeh, evangelist is m'vasayr, teacher is moreh, prophet is navi, and apostle is shaliach.

Ordination as a Messianic Rabbi/Rebbitzin

A Messianic Rabbi serves as the leader or assistant leader of a Messianic Jewish congregation. He must confess to his own Jewishness. He/she must be able to read Hebrew and also be familiar with Judaism in general. He/she must have a specific desire to reach Jewish people with the news of Messiah, and to teach Torah. As with all ministry titles, their title "rabbi" is viewed as signatory of responsibility, not of praise. A Messianic Rebbitzin is the wife of a Messianic Rabbi, and she is ordained along with him. The title is Messianic Rabbi/Rebbitzin as the case may be, or MRav abbreviated.

(NOTE: We discourage the use of Reverend or Rev. As with all ministry titles there is only One who is worthy of them: Yeshua HaMashiach. Therefore, a title is "borrowed" from His authority and is NOT indicative of anyone's personal worth or greatness or more importance than any other member of the congregation of the Most High.)

A novice or inexperienced worker, or a non-Messianic minister, may apply for Messianic Ministry Apprentice status in order to join the ranks of Messianic Jewish ministry while gaining needed experience. The Messianic Ministry Apprentice comes under the same regulations of ministry, but is not formally ordained/licensed, and is not permitted to perform marriages, mikvehs or other official acts.

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