(For the purposes of these regulations the term "Messianic Minister" shall apply to all credentialed parties. These regulations may be changed without notice. They become binding upon change. CTOMC reserves the right to deny or remove anyone from our membership based upon our standards and regulations.)

1. Substantial Agreement. The Messianic Minister, holding credentials with CTOMC, must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith. If a Messianic Minister is in disagreement they must explain in writing how and why they disagree.

2. Application and Update. The Messianic Minister must apply for CTOMC credentials and send in a re-newal to their application once per year, and pay the $100.00 USD renewal fee at that time. The deadline for annual dues and application renewal is September 30. All ministers not meeting that deadline shall be considered lapsed, and their credentials re-called. All credentialed certificates remain the property of CTOMC, and may be re-called upon the action of the CTOMC Board of Directors. A conferred credential is considered null and void if the application contains any untrue or misleading statements by the applicant. Submitting the application for CTOMC Credentials shall constitute an exclusive and inclusive contract whereby the applicant agrees to hold the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations or any iteration thereof, harmless and not liable for damage to the credential holder resulting from association or non-association with CTOMC.

3. Association. The CTOMC Credentialed Minister agrees that association with CTOMC is totally voluntary. Only those Ministers with Current Credentials are eligible for leadership within the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations. The CTOMC Credentialed Minister hereby agrees to all future amendments to the qualifications, regulations, and statement of faith, as long as he/she is a credential holder with CTOMC.

4. Immorality. The Messianic Minister is responsible to report any immorality or substantial change in their walk or belief as varying from the standard of CTOMC, and submit to the Executive Office for the work of redemption and restoration. Any Messianic Minister believed to have performed an act of adultery, homosexuality, immorality, or crime involving moral torpitude as stated in Torah, shall immediately be placed on Disciplinary Suspension and may not act upon their official duties, nor minister from the Bima, until restored to active status. Any Messianic Minister who refuses to submit to the CTOMC restoration process shall turn in their credentials; their commission/ordination shall be immediately and automatically rescinded and they will be Dismissed.

5. Addictions and Obligations. The Messianic Minister is expected to exercize personal control and discipline in their personal, family and professional life consistent with both the written Torah and the spirit of Torah. This means that the Messianic Minister must be free from all substance and/or emotional addictions that could bring a reproach on Messiah. Drunkenness, alchoholism, chemical dependency, psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment must be reported to the Executive Office.

6. Confidential Records. The Executive Office will maintain confidential records. The Executive Office will be available for instruction, counsel, and care of the Messianic Minister.

7. Vestures. All Rabbis and male Messianic Ministers shall wear a Talit (Talis) that is woven white with dark stripes whenever or wherever they are called to speak or officiate (except if they choose not to at night). Female Messianic Ministers or Rebbitzin may wear a feminine bat mitzvah type talit or a feminine head covering, which may or may not have tsitsit attached. Women shall not wear the traditional male Talit (white with dark stripes). All Messianic Rabbis and Ministers shall wear a kippah (yarmulke) when officiating their duties.

8. Shabbat and Kosher. It is expected that all Messianic Ministers will heed all G-d's instruction as best they understand it, including the biblical commandments for the Shabbat and in partaking of kosher food, as being that which is made holy by the clear directed Word of Elohim, with thanksgiving.

9. Family Life. The Messianic Minister should make every effort to solemnly and patiently bring his family into the understanding of the Messianic faith, lifestyle and consecration.

10. Titles. No Messianic Minister of CTOMC may call themselves a prophet (navi) or apostle (shaliach) as a matter of official title, without the express written consent of the Executive Office. All rabbis must be Jewish according to their confession. Messianic Rabbis and ordained Messianic Ministers shall be equal peer levels.

11. E-mail. Messianic Ministers shall make every effort to keep a valid e-mail address, and to inform the Executive Office of each change of e-mail address.

12. Marriage Officiating. Messianic Ministers are required to abide by the marriage officiating laws of the province, state or country in which they reside or perform wedding ceremony. No Messianic Minister shall perform a wedding ceremony without fulfilling the requirements of their local legal authority.

13. Marriage Vows. No Messianic Minister shall separate, divorce or remarry without the consent and counsel of the Executive Office. To do so will result in automatic Dismissal.

14. Felony. For purposes of these regulations, felony; shall be defined by the criminal code of the Court having secular criminal jurisdiction of the Messianic Minister. The law of the land is the law. If a Messianic Minister is convicted of a felony, the Beit Din shall, within a reasonable time following that conviction, on its own motion, and after an evidentiary hearing, decide the status of the credentials of that Messianic Minister. In applying this regulation, any secular law shall be considered to be subject to the Law of Adonai Elohim (Hashem as justice and mercy) as expressed in Torah. No CTOMC credential shall be removed for the violation of a secular law if obedience to that secular law would have required disobedience to Torah. A Messianic Minister shall, upon the written order of the Beit Bin, turn in their credentials. Messianic Minister credentials removed due to felony may be reinstated only by further order of the Beit Din, after a hearing, and no sooner than one year after their removal. No Beit Din decision regarding the removal of credentials due to felony may be made in secret.

15. Resignation. Any Messianic Minister wanting to resign their credentials with CTOMC shall return their paper credential (if issued), any issued membership cards, along with a letter of resignation to the Executive Office.

16. Charters. CTOMC Ministers who lead a ministry or congregation are encouraged to charter it with the Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations. Messianic Ministers who do not charter their ministry with CTOMC may not receive Consecrated status.

17. Using "Ordination". No Messianic Minister shall use the designation or imply the status of "ordained" unless duly awarded such certification by CTOMC, and holding a current year credential.

18. Using "Rabbi". No Messianic Minister shall use the designation or imply the status of "Rabbi" unless duly awarded such certification by CTOMC, and holding a current year credential.

19. Conflict with another Messianic ministry. Any Messianic Minister having a prior conflict with another Messianic ministry or ordination shall make all due and reasonable effort to resolve the conflict before applying for credentials with CTOMC.

20. Obedience. Knowledgeable disobedience of these regulations or any plain commandment of Scripture may result in change of status or loss of credential.

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